The Child Sponsorship program is the heart and soul of our ministry and is a Christ-centered program aimed at transforming the futures and hopes of the children of the Namatala Slum in Mbale, Uganda.




Your $50 Monthly Sponsorship Commitment

  • Provides Food, Clothing, Immediate Needs, and School Fees
  • Contributions to Child Welfare Fund (supporting your child and others through Ebenezer Baptist Church programs and events)
  • Regular preventative medical care at an onsite clinic including vitamins, hygiene training, medicines for malaria, typhoid, and other common problems in the village
  • Personal relationship with your specific sponsored child

Moving Beyond the Financial Commitment

  • Your child is loved, not only by you, but members of each Mission Mbale Team will have the opportunity to know your child, love your child, & HUG your child!
  • Your child will know your name, they will pray for you, be curious about you and be proud to have a sponsor! “Do you know my sponsor?” “Can you tell me more about my family in America?”
  • You will have the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with your child through the exchange and sharing of letters and pictures as our teams travel to Mbale. 

Our Commitment to You as a Sponsor

  • The Staff of Ebenezer is deeply involved in the lives of the children in the sponsorship program.
  • Detailed updates concerning urgent needs are communicated in real time.
  • Regular home visits are routinely conducted to identify specific needs. Life in the slum is HARD! Families often survive on less than $1 per day and hunger is a DAILY REALITY.
  • When the opportunity to assist in special blessings presents, you will often receive pictures and Thank You Notes revealing your direct impact!