“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord … plans to give to you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11


Mission Field

God has called us to work with the beautiful residents of the Doko Cell, one of the largest of the seven villages that make up the Namatala Slum on the outskirts of Mbale, Uganda.  Within a one-half mile radius of the ministry site, Ebenezer Baptist Church, there are over 28,000 residents, many of whom are refugees from other parts of Uganda who were displaced by war, natural disasters, famine, etc.  Of the 28,000+ residents, over half of that number are children under the age of 14.  Of those 14,000+ children, approximately 6500 are either full-, or half-, orphans with a median age in the village of just over 15 years old.

With an unemployment rate of around 70% in the village, it has often been labeled as a “cesspool of humanity” and is literally a culture characterized by children raising children, BUT they are a people full of joy and laughter.  We have learned so much from them on what it means to “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not upon your own understanding.”

However, through God’s grace and provision, we have watched the residents of the village begin to embrace what God is doing there. Not only that, but we have begun to gain favor with the local government officials who are seeing the transformation that is taking place in the village and are working very closely with us in our partnership with Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Mission Mbale is not OUR work … we have merely answered God’s call to join Him in the work that HE established in the hearts of the members of Ebenezer Baptist Church more than a decade ago.  We do this through our partnership with this great body of believers led by Pastor Fred Mazune and his beautiful wife Olive.

To God be ALL the glory!!!


Mission Statement

Mission Mbale exists to share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ with the children and families who live in the Namatala Slum in Mbale, Uganda.  We do this while helping to meet their “life” needs of food, housing, pure water, medical care, education, etc.


Mission Objective

To transform futures and hopes through the love of Jesus … One child at a time!!!


Mission Opportunities

Currently we are offering two opportunities each year to join us in ministering to the precious people who live in the Namatala Slum.  Though each mission trip has the same basic purpose, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those living in the village, the trips are each very unique in their ministry style.  Visit our Mission Trips page for the most up-to-date information.

  • January/February Trip
    The dates for this trip vary each year but are always announced around the end of the summer so as to allow ample time for planning and fund-raising.  This trip focuses mainly on teaching and discipleship in a one-on-one, or small group, setting.  It is also a time of follow-up and encouragement to those with whom we ministered to during the July trip and is limited to 15 participants.
  • July Trip
    This trip is always the last two weeks in July and begins on the next to the last Wednesday and concludes on the Saturday following the last Wednesday. This trip is fast-paced and busy.  We host In Home Bible Studies in the village, a Pastor’s Conference, a Women’s Conference, and do a Sports Camp for all ages at farm/school site.


Pastor Fred and Mrs. Olive Mazune

Born in 1968 in Bulaago, a village on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, in Bulambuli District which was in the greater Mbale District. The parents were going to a Roman catholic church where I also attended Sunday services. The family was every now and then attacked by demons, four of my young brothers and a sisters who follow me died the way which was not defined. Inviting of witch doctors to our family was done week after week which led to poverty in the home.

In 1987 when I was in S 3 in Masaba Secondary school, my father Alex Mazune, Sr. died. That was a big blow to the family and especially to me being the first born in this troubled family. Life became very difficult and people lost hope. I joined one of the schools in Mbale for my High School. In 1990, one lady called Lonah Wamono who was praying with First Baptist church in Mbale was neighboring me in Indian quarters. She took a step and preached to me and I gave my life to Jesus Christ on the 13th July 1990. I saw a very big change in my life and rushed home to share the good news with my family, my brother Joseph Tom Gitabani who was on bed just waiting to die, was healed instantly and went back to school. He is now a pastor of a church in the village and also a veterinary worker. I became a strong member of First Baptist church in Mbale. The Lord put a very strong conviction on my heart in 1996 to be a preacher. In 1998 I got married to Olive who was fresh from college after completing her professional course as a teacher.

The Lord spoke to us as a couple to join Him in what He was already doing. My wife, Olive, has been of great help in the ministry because she has transformed what she was taught at the college and she is now using the knowledge to serve children in the churches. She taught for 2 years and the Lord spoke to her to leave the job to serve the children in the churches and communities.

My wife, Olive, and I come from the mountainous parts of Mt. Elgon and people in these places had not had chance of hearing the gospel, we prayed and the Lord led us to a virgin place as National Missionaries/Church Planters and we went in Kapchorwa passed Siipi Falls to plant churches. We were in Kapchorwa for 7 years and by God’s grace, we have left their 27 churches now standing. In 2001 I joined Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja to do my work better. One of my most inspiring books is “Experiencing God” by Rev Henry T. Blackaby

After 7 years in Kapchorwa when the work had now taken off fully, the Lord again spoke to us as a couple to come back to Mbale in a very big slum where Olive grew from. We started a church in this community where people from different kinds of walk are staying. Many of the people here are from the war torn areas in the north where Joseph Kony has terrorized people for the last 27 years, others are from the marginalized Karamajong ethnic tribe who ran

from the native land due to famine. Some people settling here are from the landslide affected areas Bududa and Bulambuli.

Ebenezer Baptist church, where I am the pastor, is situated in this slum and the church is now 7 years old. 3 years ago the road was constructed through the middle of the church building leaving us with a very small space. Starting work in this slum was just a voice from God that is why even as we go through challenges; we know God is in control.

Currently I am the Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist church, I am the overseer of the churches I started on the slopes of Mt. Elgon and I am also a Member on the National Executive of the Baptist Union of Uganda.

The Mazune family include our first born Faith 14, Victor 12, Mike 9, Caleb 5 and Abel 3. The girl in the back row of the picture is 15 and she is a total orphan, we have decided to stay with her in our home.

Above all we say may the name of God be glorified in all that we spread Christ across these communities.

With God, all things are possible.


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