“Transforming futures and hopes through the love of Jesus... one child at a time!”

The very heartbeat of Mission Mbale is to change children’s lives, and sponsoring children is an integral part of that. Our family has been impacted by sponsoring children, particularly Joshua. Joshua is a talented artist, a very smart student, and an influential leader among his peers. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Joshua over the years and it brings us great joy seeing his faith in the Lord grow and watching him progress in school. Joshua loves Jesus, he loves people, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to work in his life.

- Kelly Preston and family


But Joshua’s story doesn’t end here because during the July 2016 Mission Trip, Joshua became friends with one of our team members, an eleven year old young man by the name of Nathan Preston, who along with his mom Kelly were part of the inaugural mission team of Mission Mbale.

As a result of their bonding during this trip the Preston Family made the decision to become Joshua’s sponsor and chose to support him at a level that not only met his basic life needs but also would allow him to begin attending school on a consistent basis. The following is Joshua’s story after becoming a “long-distance member” of the Preston Family!

Fast forward two years…

Joshua graduated in the fall of 2018 from P7 at Namatala Primary School at the top of his class! He, as have most of the sponsored children from Ebenezer, went from the bottom of his class because of his inability to attend school consistently, to being in the top of his class and establishing himself as a leader among his peers. That is the power that sponsorship has on a child growing up in Namatala!

Thank you Preston Family for your willingness to become a sponsor and give Joshua the opportunity to excel in both his education and in his growth as a child of God! His leadership is already being felt in Ebenezer among the younger kids!